Somato Emotional Recall and Release (SER) in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a process oriented therapy.
What do we mean by this?

Somato Emotional Release with Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue is a deep personal experience, which in some cases accompany the structural - fascia - releases (of CST).

It often begins with a spontaneous or facilitated recall of past events held in deeper parts of one’s non-conscious memory.

Because of its relation to the tissue process this is also referred to as Tissue Memory.

In this naturally induced altered-state (of consciousness) images, memories, experiences of inner processes in organs, or even in cells can arise to one’s awareness.

Imaginations and sensations of other kinds can be also part of this process. Visualisation of colours, sensations of music, shivering or feeling hot, going through dynamic but otherwise unusual movements, spasms and deep releases, recalling memories of tastes and smells that are personally significant and other body perceptions can occur to become part of the therapeutic process. 

Characters representing one or the other aspect of one’s personality or childhood can emerge from the non-conscious realm of the psyche. One may hear their messages, experience emotions or enter into conversations with these characters.  

Throughout the process, the appearance of all these parts contribute pieces of new information to the understanding of the whole of one’s personality and helping to develop the self-knowledge of one’s struggles with anxiety, depression, coping with stress or living with traumatic past experiences. Sometimes one can come to a different view or a completely new understanding of the meaning of certain events of the past. 

The Holistic view of Health and Illness, which underpins CranioSacral Therapy, considers the appearance of physical discomfort, pain or diseases as resulting from a variety of personal and environmental factors that may alter the natural, optimal functioning of the whole organism. In a wider sense these changes are part of one’s karmic spiritual path and destiny on Earth.

What is described here, requires building up a therapeutic process over time with continued treatment sessions. One session at the time opens up something in the psyche that continues further sometimes in a form of conscious understanding, other times still remaining in the realm of the non-conscious. Each treatment is a new event linking up in the awareness of the individual and gradually forming the process that is discussed here.