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I am not available on my mobile number for SMS text or mobile phone calls.

The new phone masts and the vast network of satellites will multiply by another factor the currently already far too high rate of electromagnetic pollution in the microwave frequency.

I will make a preference to use the available wired broadband connection to maintain my website and a limited presence on social media. 

Landline:  01892 278631  

Currently, I am significantly reducing the use of mobile phone and mobile internet technology in my work and private communication. This is due to serious - and potentially life-threatening - harmful effects on the global environment and individual health caused by the rapidly developing 5G network.      

Consequence of 5G implementation

"The consequence of inaction will allow irreparable harm to all life, most particularly the unborn, children, the elderly, anyone with underlying health conditions and people with metal implants. There will be a fundamental difference in our lives and we will lose our privacy as surveillance and social control by industry and governments becomes ubiquitous with tracking and monitoring leading to behaviour modification.

We might ask ourselves whether we wish to have our lives become the property of any corporation for control and profit. Are we to be obedient to the interests of others, with choices reduced and decisions determined by an algorithm?  Or do we value our right to self determination without coercion, and free from harm?"

While everyone understands the obvious dangers of nuclear warfare or a virus threat, we must also educate ourselves about this invisible irradiation, and not rely on a false sense of security that governments will ensure that mobile phone technology is safe. They will not do so or not soon enough.

I support international efforts that are aiming to stop this anti-life technology.